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Weifang Weitel Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. (formerly Weifang Huakai Foundry Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2008. The company is located in the first town of Shandong Machinery Foundry, a town with beautiful environment in Shandong Province, a characteristic industrial town in Shandong Province, and a provincial civilized town— - Yingqiu Town, the first fief of Jiang Ziya and the ancient capital of Qi, let us radiate new charm in the accumulation of history! Deputy director unit of Changle County Foundry Association. Adjacent to Wei-ri Expressway, Weifang Railway Station, Jiaodong International Airport, Weifang Port, and Qingdao Port, the location has obvious advantages.

The company has four series of products: remote liquid supply system for fully mechanized coal mining face, high-performance accessories for fire-fighting pipeline system, seismic support and hanger, and marine pipeline connection system. It is a specialized production base for high-performance fluid conveying accessories in China. The product specifications are complete, the structure is novel, the craftsmanship is exquisite, and the quality is reliable.

The company has a complete enterprise standardization system, a computer network management system and a strict product quality inspection system; there are two 360-type/hour vertical type boxless molding lines. There are more than 60 sets of metal processing equipment such as CNC lathes, with complete testing equipment and perfect testing methods, including 30 sets (sets) of physical and chemical testing, mechanical performance testing, spectral analysis, tensile testing machines, non-destructive testing and other testing equipment.

Product research is the vitality of the company. The company has established a product research and development center and a three-dimensional simulation manufacturing design system to optimize product structure and ensure the quality and speed of new product research and development. Among them, the products in the remote liquid supply pipeline system for fully mechanized mining face have won the National Patent.

In order to further strengthen quality management and integrate with the international market, since obtaining the ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2011, it has been managed in strict accordance with the rules and procedures of the ISO9001 quality management system. National type inspection and approval of grooved fittings. The product has obtained voluntary CCC certification and meets GB5135.11-2006 Automatic Sprinkler System Part 11: Grooved Fittings Standard. Pipeline products have been certified by the National Safety Labeling Center for Mining Products. The effective operation of the company's three-standard management system: GB/T19001 quality management system, GB/T24001 environmental management system and GB/T28001 occupational health and safety management system ensures the normal and sustainable development of the company's operations.

The product casting process adopts an advanced boxless vertical parting molding line, and the casting process is fully automated, thus effectively ensuring the consistency of mass production of products and the stability of quality. Sound management system, strong technology, high-quality technology, sophisticated equipment, perfect testing system and comprehensive and efficient after-sales service have won the trust and praise of the majority of users. We will provide high-quality services to customers with high quality, reasonable price, complete varieties and fast delivery time.


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